The purpose and mission of Karate Federation Of Shotokan (KFS) is to extend traditional karate-do to advanced practitioners and to further understand and develop true bujutsu as seen through functional karate.

Our karate is based on Funakoshi/Nakayama JKA style with an extension of Indian karate.  Our aim is to provide the far advanced karate concepts and techniques to you and your students. Moreover, we wish to help the instructors in their development and advancement so that they can grow to be better instructors.

Our karate family invites you to join us to develop the highest level of technical and philosophical skills in Traditional and Sport Karate.  We welcome Individual, dojos, clubs, and other organizations to learn about our unique methods of teaching karate for all ages and abilities.

If you are looking for strong and non-political karate organization, the Karate Federation OF Shotokan (KFS) has built a reputation for producing students and instructors of the highest standards for over many years.